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L’IDDRI organise une conférence sur le « risque après Fukushima », les 17 et 18 septembre 2012

6 agosto 2012

« Risk after Fukushima. Crises, Disasters and Governance », tel est l’intitulé de la conférence internationale proposée par l’IDDRI, les 17 et 18 septembre prochains, au CERI (56 rue Jacob – 75006 Paris).

Les principaux résultats des projets DEVAST et Sustainable Rio seront exposés à cette occasion.

Présentation de cette conférence (qui se tiendra en anglais) :
The triple disaster that hit Japan on 11 March 2011 has had a profound and transformative effect on the Japanese society, and its chain of impacts goes beyond its national borders. This conference aims first to address the social and political consequences of the disaster, with a special focus on the evacuation and return of the population. The focus will then be geared toward the evolution of risk perceptions as to how the myth of the absolute safety, as well as the notion of a safe and secure society in Japan have shattered in the aftermath of the disaster. The conference will address the evolution of risk governance and examine how these events have affected the theories and practice of risk management, not only with regard to nuclear safety, but also to disasters at large. Finally, the international repercussions from these events, especially the Fukushima nuclear accident, will be closely examined, and the conference will reflect on the future of the nuclear age in a post-Fukushima world.

Programme, renseignements et inscriptions : ici

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