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The Conference Board of Canada

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  • The Cost of Inequality and the Role of Early Child Education in Closing the Gap

    18 janvier 2018 — Reports
    Greater investment in early childhood education (ECE) can be a springboard to success. Expanding ECE in Canada would increase female labour market participation, improve child outcomes (especially for disadvantaged children), and reduce Canada’s income inequality. Access to ECE helps cultivate (...)
  • The Secret Behind Board Chair Success : Providing Effective Board Leadership

    18 janvier 2018 — Reports
    Board chairs preside the most powerful body in an organization: the board of directors. Yet, there is no handbook on the workings of their role and what they should do to successfully provide effective board leadership. The INSEAD Corporate Governance Initiative conducted 74 face-to-face (...)
  • Metropolitan Resale Snapshot : January 2018

    18 janvier 2018 — Reports
    The monthly Metropolitan Resale Snapshot provides an overview of the existing home market and expectations for existing home price growth over the short term for 28 areas.
  • Mindfulness for Busy Professionals

    17 janvier 2018 — Reports
    The benefits of mindfulness meditation are well researched. Wendy Quan, Founder of The Calm Monkey, will introduce mindfulness and meditation in a non-religious fashion, and teach you some easy skills that you can start using right away at work and personally. Use these techniques to get (...)
  • Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability : January 2018

    17 janvier 2018 — Reports
    The monthly Leading Indicator of Industry Profitability is constructed from high frequency data series. The indicators are designed to be predictive of movements in corporate profitability six months hence. An industry leading index is created for the economy as a whole, as well as for 49 (...)
  • After Pneumonia : Addressing the Health and Economic Burden of Pneumonia in Canada

    17 janvier 2018 — Reports
    The Conference Board of Canada has engaged in research series on the burden of pneumonia in Canada, which has debilitating impacts on seniors, children, and the immune-compromised population. Pneumonia can also arise as a costly complication during hospital stay, with some patients experiencing (...)
  • Breathing Easier : Addressing the Burden of Pneumonia in Canada

    17 janvier 2018 — Reports
    This final installment of the burden of pneumonia series summarizes the insights generated in the previous two briefings and provides recommendations for action.
  • Sharing Prosperity : Indigenous People and Resource Revenue Sharing in Canada

    16 janvier 2018 — Reports
    Not so long ago, resource revenue sharing was a major point of contention between Indigenous and non-Indigenous governments in Canada. Now, there are resource revenue sharing systems in much of the country and discussions are underway in most other jurisdictions. Increasing Indigenous legal (...)
  • Metropolitan Housing Starts : January 2018

    16 janvier 2018 — Reports
    The monthly Metropolitan Housing Starts publication provides the recent trends in housing starts for 28 metropolitan areas and expectations for starts over both the short and long term.
  • Driving to the Breadline : The Auto Motives of Low Income Households

    16 janvier 2018 — Reports
    Research conducted over the last few decades in many western countries confirms that there is a mutually reinforcing relationship between transport poverty (i.e. lack of access to both private and public mobility resources) and social exclusion (inability to fully participate in life-enhancing (...)

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