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  • EMU Reform – A long roadmap, but now only a little step forward !

    7 décembre 2017, par Ernst Stetter — Economy & Euro, EU Priorities and Opinion, EurActiv.com, Euro & Finance
    On December 6, the European Commission presented the long-awaited package for the deepening of the European Economic and Monetary Union. In a debate we organised at FEPS to gather first reactions to the proposal, a member of the European Parliament put forward the right questions: how should it (...)
  • Social Europe – Finally ?

    16 novembre 2017, par Ernst Stetter — Social Europe, Social Pillar, Social Summit
    Today’s gathering in Gothenburg might be a real advancement for Social Europe and for prioritising the social and welfare concerns of European citizens. Let us remind ourselves that on November 16th 1997 the then prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean Claude Juncker, held the first European summit (...)
  • It’s the culture, stupid !

    5 octobre 2017, par Ernst Stetter — Uncategorized, German Elections
    Almost two weeks after the federal elections, Germans are still searching for explanations for the soar-away success of the far-right AfD (alternative für Deutschland) and the sour decline of the two main parties, the CDU and the SPD. In his remarkable speech on the occasion of the national (...)

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