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  • The Crosland Centenary

    29 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    Anthony “Tony” Crosland, who was born 100 years ago on 29 August 1918, was undoubtedly the most influential Fabian of all time, having a larger effect on the course of British politics than even the ‘founding fathers’, including George Bernard Shaw and the Webbs. The Fabian Society played an (...)
  • Bread and butter

    29 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    Shortly after becoming the new health secretary Matt Hancock numbered his top three priorities. These were respectively workforce, technology and prevention. Hancock has not indicated any rethink on crippling cuts in training and public health so it seems reasonable to assume that as regards (...)
  • Moving forward

    24 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    Earlier this month, the war in Yemen made one of its rare appearances in the world’s news headlines. A Saudi–led coalition air strike hit a bus full of young boys returning from a religious summer school to their homes in Saada governorate, the heartland of the Huthi movement. Forty boys died as (...)
  • Keep the red flag flying

    22 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    George Orwell – and more particularly his literary writings – continue to capture public attention and imagination. His enduring fame as arguably the British left’s most penetrating popular writer of the 20th century rests especially on his dystopian Nineteen Eighty-Four – as much, in my view, a (...)
  • A renewed pensions cross-party consensus is within politicians’ grasp

    21 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    Bright Blue and the Fabian Society – two leading think tanks from the right and left of British politics – today publish a joint paper exploring the views on pensions reform of Conservative and Labour politicians and policymakers. The report finds significant areas of agreement between the (...)
  • Consensus continued ?

    21 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    The last 15 years have seen impressive cross-party consensus on pensions policy, particularly the establishment and extension of auto-enrolment into workplace pensions. This has led to improvements in retirement savings and incomes. But further reforms are required to ensure more people have (...)
  • Working together

    16 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    As we think about the future for the labour movement, the starting point must be for us to reflect on where we are today – and the picture is not pretty. Stagnating wages, plummeting investment, spiralling personal debt, entrenched inequality and insecure employment are not distant prospects, (...)
  • Getting technical

    14 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    Over the next few weeks, young people across the country will be receiving their exam results. Tension will be building in households up and down the land. And this is not unjustified; educational attainment is becoming increasingly central to life chances. At the Learning and Work Institute, (...)
  • Mandatory reconsideration

    13 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    The government’s assessment processes for Employment & Support Allowance (ESA) and Personal Independence Payment (PIP) are denying hundreds of thousands of disabled and seriously unwell people the benefit they are entitled to – driving them into poverty. For most, their only hope of (...)
  • A source of pride : the NHS and the nation

    9 août 2018, par Rabyah Khan
    The 70th anniversary of the National Health Service has generated a wave of celebrations across the UK alongside serious initiatives to address the significant challenges that face today’s NHS. Since 1948, NHS history has been characterised by concerns about costs and design, which have prompted (...)

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