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  • States of the nations

    19 janvier 2018, par admin — Fabian Essays
    Federalism has always proved a challenge for the European left. Simon Toubeau suggests how conflicting imperatives might be reconciled The European left seems under siege. It governs again in Sweden as well as in Italy. Elsewhere, it is in opposition. All the large and historically important (...)
  • In safe hands

    18 janvier 2018, par admin — Fabian Essays, Infrastructure, Public Services
    Public ownership is making a comeback around the world. In Britain, it would pave the way for a progressive, democratic and empowering economy fit for the 21st century, writes Andrew Cumbers One of the most significant mistakes made by the centre left in the 1990s was to accede to the new (...)
  • Educating for our future

    18 janvier 2018, par admin — Comment, Education
    Britain has a long way to go in order to create an education and skills system fit for the modern world. And if that was urgent before the EU referendum, now we are leaving it is critical that we prepare the foundations for a new settlement. As the Fabians have highlighted, globalisation, (...)
  • Trade unionism for the 2020s

    17 janvier 2018, par admin — Comment
    Some days you get a glimpse of what trade unionism could be. Earlier this year, I met Lewis and Shen, two of the young workers who have taken on the might of McDonald’s. Their energy and determination is inspiring. But Lewis and Shen are unusual. They are active trade unionists in their (...)
  • It’s time for unions to consider new forms of cooperation

    17 janvier 2018, par RobinHarvey
    This year we will celebrate the 150th anniversary of the foundation of the TUC, when trade unions first came together to establish a national body to speak with one voice on behalf of their shared interests. As the union movement faces up to a different set of challenges from those it took on a (...)
  • Diagnosing the social care crisis

    16 janvier 2018, par RobinHarvey — Comment, Ageing, Health, Social Care
    1.2 million older people in our country have some degree of need for social care that is going unmet, and today and every day there are an estimated 90,000 vacancies in the social care workforce. These eye-watering statistics are just two of many I could cite which illustrate the scale and (...)
  • The future of Britain’s defence industry

    16 janvier 2018, par admin — Comment, Economy
    Last November, the government published its much anticipated industrial strategy. It was long on words, but extremely short on specific commitments to lay the basis for a prosperous country. One of the most significant omissions from the 254 page document was any reference to Britain’s defence (...)
  • In the public interest

    15 janvier 2018, par admin — Fabian Essays
    As Carillion goes into liquidation, David Walker looks at how so much of the private sector has been outsourced Over the past three decades a significant slice of our public realm has been ‘externalised’, contracted out, alienated – handed over to business to supply. In refuse collection, RAF (...)
  • Sadiq Khan on gender equality

    13 janvier 2018, par RobinHarvey — Fabian News, Front Page
    As populism rises, gender equality risks ‘going backwards’ – Sadiq Khan In his first major speech of 2018, Sadiq Khan will warn that for the first time in his life gender equality could stall – or even go backwards – as populism gains strength. Addressing the Fabian Society New Year conference this (...)
  • The crumbs of hope

    12 janvier 2018, par admin — Comment, Brexit
    The crunch point on Brexit is fast approaching — Richard Corbett From the start, the government’s approach to Brexit has been characterised by divisions, confusion and chaos. And it took Theresa May far too long to accept the need to settle the three issues at the centre of the first phase of the (...)

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