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  • Careful choices

    20 octobre 2017, par admin — Comment, Ageing, Labour, Welfare
    June’s election result cheered all of us who want to see a Labour government sooner rather than later. But the backlash to May’s dementia tax proposal should cause us all concern since it was primarily a response to cost. May’s plan was of course half-baked, and wasn’t promoted with even a vague (...)
  • Universal credit can be reformed to cause a lot less misery

    19 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Front Page, Social security, Universal credit, Welfare
    Universal credit is a disaster on almost every level. Its implementation has been catastrophic, its design is deeply flawed and it provides too little for struggling families. But it is a disaster that can be rescued, with common sense and money. It is time for politicians to decide if they (...)
  • The impact Brexit would have on Ireland

    19 octobre 2017, par admin — Comment, Brexit, Europe, Labour
    Three weeks ago, at the British Labour party conference in Brighton, I spent a few days trying to explain to delegates and visitors the impact Brexit would have on Ireland. In the weeks before the conference, Keir Starmer had worked to develop the Labour position, making it clear that the UK (...)
  • Making sure automation works for everyone

    17 octobre 2017, par admin — Comment, Employment, Technology
    Whether it’s film reviewers discussing Blade Runner’s replicants, or computer scientists cheering their algorithm as it beats a human at yet another game, everyone’s talking about artificial intelligence. The government certainly has recognised the incredible opportunities presented. A review by (...)
  • Working options

    16 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, A public offer, Employment, Labour
    In an age where work is less secure and the safety net shrinking, we need a new approach to the world of work, particularly for women, writes Jane Mansour One of the defining moments of the 2017 general election campaign came with the prime minister’s evasive response to a question on nurses (...)
  • Restitching the safety net

    13 octobre 2017, par admin — Uncategorized, A public offer, Welfare
    Labour has the opportunity to carve out a fresh approach on social security, based on the principles of fairness, dignity and respect, writes Ruth Patrick For lots of reasons, the 2017 general election felt very different from recent battles to secure the nation’s vote. Brexit dominated the (...)
  • Shaw and the sun

    12 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, History
    Founding Fabian George Bernard Shaw could often be found soaking up the rays in his rotating shed, writes Tania Woloshyn Image: Wellcome Collection Of all the images you may have come across of the illustrious Fabian, Nobel laureate and famous playwright, George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950), I doubt (...)
  • For richer lives

    12 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, A public offer, Labour, Public Services
    The pledge to invest more in our public services has resonated with the public but we now need to go even further, writes Heather Wakefield Bliss it was indeed to wake to Labour’s 2017 manifesto – and more blissful yet to see the positive public reaction to it reflected in the election result. (...)
  • Corbyn’s effect

    11 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, Jeremy Corbyn MP, Labour
    Corbynism is a collective endeavour in the best Labour tradition – and there is much more to come, writes Mark Perryman Over the past two years what has made the Corbynite challenge so distinctive, and has become a core part of its appeal, is the way Labour is becoming both a party and a (...)
  • A continuing crisis

    10 octobre 2017, par admin — Fabian Essays, International Development, refugees
    While thousands of refugees languish in camps across Europe, the UK government has rowed back on its commitments. Alf Dubs, who spearheaded moves to help child refugees, sets out what needs to be done now I visited the ‘Jungle’ refugee and migrant camp in Calais twice before it was demolished. I (...)

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