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  • Myths for an age of political polarisation

    9 agosto 2018, di Hannah Kitcher
    Want to change the world? Then what you need most isn’t facts; it’s a really great story. So I argued in a book called The Myth Gap (summary here), which came out last year in the wake of the Brexit referendum and the US election. Donald Trump and Nigel Farage had hardly triumphed thanks to... → (...)
  • There are no silver bullets, but there are smart solutions in the private rented sector

    3 agosto 2018, di Kristel Tracey
    James Teasdale, Head of Venture Development on how our Reimagining Rent programme is accelerating innovative solutions to challenges in the PRS. Five million households in the UK – 21% of the total – call the private rented sector (PRS) home, with the number set to rise to 5.79m by 2022. While (...)

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