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Arkansas Family Council

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  • Federal DOJ Files Brief in Support of Religious Liberty at Supreme Court

    25 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Earlier this month the federal Department of Justice filed an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court supporting a baker in Colorado in an important religious liberty case. Jack Phillips is a baker and cake designer. He is also a Related posts: Kentucky ACLU Alleges Gideons Distributing Bibles (...)
  • Victory Over Violence Prayer Rally Coming October 9

    21 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Below is an announcement about a prayer rally coming to Little Rock this October. Victory Over Violence is hosting a city-wide Prayer Rally to gather the churches of Central Arkansas to pray for peace. We will worship together, pray together, Related posts: Timothy Cardinal Dolan’s Benediction (...)
  • Teacher Tells First-Graders Not to Talk About God

    20 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last month a public school teacher in Indiana sent notes home informing families that her classroom was not the “appropriate time or place” for students to talk about religion. The truth is, students have a constitutionally-protected right to talk about Related posts: New York Housing Authority (...)
  • Family Council Vows to Help Keep Communities Free From Marijuana

    19 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Monday, September 18, 2017 LITTLE ROCK, AR – Monday marks the deadline for entities to apply with the state to grow or sell marijuana in Arkansas. Family Council President Jerry Cox released a statement saying, “Family Council Related posts: Family Council Action Committee (...)
  • Hundreds Apply to Grow and Sell Marijuana

    19 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Yesterday marked the deadline to apply to grow or sell marijuana in Arkansas under the state’s new “medical marijuana” program. State officials reported that approximately 300 companies and individuals applied to grow or sell the drug as of yesterday afternoon. Related posts: Arkansans Support (...)
  • Keeping the Electoral College

    14 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton told CNN’s Anderson Cooper the U.S. needed to abolish the Electoral College, calling it an “an anachronism that was designed for another time.” Family Council successfully opposed two efforts to undermine the Electoral College in Arkansas — one Related posts: The Value (...)
  • Teen Abortion in Arkansas Hit New Low in 2016

    14 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Earlier this summer the Arkansas Department of Health released its annual report regarding abortion. The report shows, among other things, that abortion has fallen to its lowest levels since 1977 and that fewer women are coming to Arkansas from other states Related posts: Abortion Advocates (...)
  • Lottery Scholarship Funding Dismal Despite Revenue Spike

    12 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Last week the Arkansas Lottery posted its financial report for the month of August. The Arkansas Lottery took in over $49.3 million in last month — nearly $12.5 million than the month before — but it paid out $8.9 million Related posts: Hats Off to Jason Tolbert Talking Lottery on Today’s THV (...)
  • Canada’s Obsession With Euthanasia

    12 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Recently, our friends at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview have published commentaries on assisted suicide and euthanasia in Canada. Last year Canada legalized so-called “medical assistance in dying.” However, many Canadian doctors have been reluctant to help patients end Related posts: (...)
  • A.G. Rejects (Another) Recreational Marijuana Proposal

    7 septembre 2017, par Jerry Cox
    Marijuana activists have worked relentlessly this summer to get Arkansas’ Attorney General to approve a ballot proposal legalizing recreational marijuana. This week Attorney General Leslie Rutledge’s office rejected yet another recreational marijuana amendment. Like past proposals, this amendment (...)

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