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  • History won’t be kind to politicians who stay silent on Trump’s trade war

    17 juillet 2018, par Robert E. Litan
    While President Trump continues to dismantle existing world order, which was carefully constructed over seven decades following the horrors of World War II, top Democrats have stayed strangely silent on the administration’s trade war. I understand there are no shortage of political crises to (...)
  • Should not meeting the Sustainable Development Goals get you fired ?

    17 juillet 2018, par Dhananjayan Sriskandarajah — Sustainable Development Goals
    The problem with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), was that no one ever lost their job for failing to meet an MDG target. When I say this at high-level meetings, participants shift uneasily in their seats. Their unease really shows when I ask why, if we truly want the Sustainable (...)
  • Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have a disastrous Yemen strategy

    17 juillet 2018, par Daniel L. Byman
    Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates’s deepening intervention in Yemen is the triumph of hope over experience. Riyadh’s latest campaign in Yemen began in 2015 to topple the then-triumphant Houthi rebels, whom Saudi leaders considered too close to Iran. Rather than dissuading their good (...)
  • Since Singapore : Letting North Korea off the hook

    17 juillet 2018, par Jeffrey A. Bader, Ryan Hass
    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo found in his first meeting with the North Koreans after the Trump-Kim Jong-un Singapore summit that he has a number of carrots, few sticks, and disturbingly little leverage, despite the disparity of power between the United States and North Korea. His unproductive (...)
  • The ascent of Artificial Intelligence : How will AI change the nation-state ?

    17 juillet 2018, par Prerna Sharma — Technology & Innovation
    Do machines make mistakes? How often and at what cost? When can we truly trust machines? From SIRI to self-driving cars, Google’s search algorithms to autonomous weapons and drones, the past few decades have witnessed some of the fastest, almost meteoric, rises in Artificial Intelligence (AI). (...)
  • Around the halls : Brookings experts react to the Trump-Putin meeting and NATO summit

    16 juillet 2018, par Thomas Wright, Alina Polyakova, Constanze Stelzenmüller, Steven Pifer, Pavel K Baev, Amanda Sloat, Célia Belin, Kemal Kirişci, Tarun Chhabra
    Thomas Wright, Director of the Center on the United States and Europe; Senior Fellow in the Project on International Order and Strategy: The summit today, and the visit to Brussels and the U.K. that preceded it, revealed that the president is now unbound, acting in accordance with his visceral (...)
  • What’s wrong with political leaders citing research ?

    16 juillet 2018, par Jishnu Das — Global Development
    Today’s finance-research complex closely links funding to “impact”, which includes evidence of policymakers and politicians citing the research in question. What research politicians choose to highlight therefore influences what is eventually funded. Yet, recent speeches and op-eds suggest that (...)
  • Unpacked : Will Trump testify in Mueller’s Russia investigation ?

    16 juillet 2018, par Norman Eisen — U.S. Politics & Government
    THE ISSUE: As the Russia investigation enters its second year with 12 new indictments, special counsel Robert Mueller has asked to interview President Trump. If the president refuses to sit for an interview, this leaves Mueller with a several options, all of which involve a drawn out legal (...)
  • Why Trump is trying to reduce the status of the Department of Education

    16 juillet 2018, par Mona Vakilifathi — Education
    Last month, the Trump administration released a proposal to reform the federal government. One of President Trump’s proposals is to merge the Department of Education with the Department of Labor. What motivates Trump to reduce the status of the federal Department of Education? Republicans have (...)
  • Here’s what a Trump-Putin deal on Syria could look like

    16 juillet 2018, par Steven Heydemann, Michael E. O'Hanlon — Syria
    As the White House prepares for the July 16 summit between American President Trump and Russian President Putin, Syria will be on the agenda. President Trump has signaled his interest in winding down the U.S. military presence in that country's long and tragic civil war. In exchange, according (...)

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