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  • The US and Doklam : Look beyond rhetoric

    26 septembre 2017, par Tanvi Madan
    Some have been wondering recently whether Washington’s commitment to its allies and partners in Asia has been steadfast and overt enough. And there have been calls for the Trump administration to reassure U.S. allies and partners in the region of its commitment through public statements. (...)
  • For internet gatekeepers, consumer protection laws are better than utility-style regulation

    26 septembre 2017, par Tom Struble — Business & Industry
    Back in 2014, former Brookings scholar Robert Litan presciently warned that regulating broadband providers like public utilities in order to protect Net Neutrality, “could one day boomerang on certain major tech companies, too.” Three years later, that boomerang is now coming back with a (...)
  • After the election, Germany’s democracy faces its hardest test since 1949

    26 septembre 2017, par Constanze Stelzenmüller
    Germany, my country: It is a somber day for you, for me and for democrats across the West. In Germany’s earthquake national elections, a radical right-wing party entered the federal legislature for the first time in more than half a century. Founded in 2013, Alternative for Germany (AfD) failed (...)
  • Productivity is key to economic growth : Why is it slowing down in advanced economies ?

    26 septembre 2017, par Dany Bahar — Developing Economies
    A few months before leaving office President Barack Obama wrote about the challenges that his successor would have to tackle. Recent innovations, he claimed, "have not yet substantially boosted measured productivity growth." In fact, since 2004, productivity growth slowed across nearly all (...)
  • Is economic growth in middle-income countries different from low-income countries ?

    25 septembre 2017, par Barry Eichengreen, Donghyun Park, Kwanho Shin — China
    Slowing growth in emerging markets during the post-global financial crisis period is giving fresh impetus to the so-called "middle-income trap" debate. The debate centers on a well-known stylized fact. Many countries made the jump from low income to middle income, but only a handful were able (...)
  • What to expect when you’re expecting reconciliation bill (again)

    25 septembre 2017, par Molly E Reynolds — Health Care Reform
    Last minute changes are still being made, but Senate Republicans appear to be sticking with their plan to hold another vote this week on sweeping changes to the Affordable Care Act. Back in July, I wrote a short guide on what to watch as floor debate played out. Here’s an updated version for (...)
  • Black athletes can teach us about more than just sports

    25 septembre 2017, par Andre M. Perry
    Racism — and bullying — is best defeated as a team Bullying is not a newly discovered problem. But there is no denying it has been exacerbated by the President of the United States, Donald Trump. His singling out of sports heroes Steph Curry, Jemele Hill and Colin Kaepernick for their stands (...)
  • Why the future looks like Pittsburgh

    25 septembre 2017, par Bruce Katz, Scott Andes — Economic Development
    As cities around the country rush to respond to Amazon’s RFP for its new HQ2, it’s worth remembering that urban economies aren’t built by winning a contest; they are grown methodically by building on a region’s strengths. Indeed, the race for long-term prosperity isn’t defined by the month-long (...)
  • Africa in the news : UNGA updates, cocoa export challenges, and Kenya’s full Supreme Court ruling

    22 septembre 2017, par Dhruv Gandhi — Campaigns & Elections
    African leaders focus on economy and security as they address the United Nations General Assembly Several African leaders are attending the United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York, which runs from September 19-25. In their addresses to the General Assembly, African leaders focused (...)
  • A GOP nightmare : Trump and Democrats cut a deal on taxes

    22 septembre 2017, par Robert Shapiro — Taxation
    Here they go again. Despite the Republicans’ control of the presidency and both houses of Congress, their internal divisions keep on frustrating their plans to accomplish anything of consequence. So the most polarizing GOP president since Abraham Lincoln has come up with a startling work-around: (...)

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