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  • How to Argue With Gun Nuts

    23 février 2018, par Bernie Horn — Blog
    Pro-gun advocates almost never argue the merits of specific legislation. Their constant tactic is to use logical fallacies to sidetrack the discussion. Here is how you can respond.
  • We Can Reclaim Democracy, One Heart at a Time

    23 février 2018, par George Goehl — Blog
    The revolution may not be televised, but in 2018 the resistance is being electoralized. People’s Action members are going door to door nationwide to do our part and win back democracy - one heart, one conversation and one vote at a (...)
  • Student and Teacher Leadership Will Change the Politics of Gun Control

    22 février 2018, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Students and teachers are taking over the debate on gun control that politicians have botched for decades. The protestors are directing their anger at opponents of sensible gun control and are intent on making them pay at the ballot (...)
  • A Pledge to Transform the Resistance, and America

    21 février 2018, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    Resistance to Trump is vital, but it is not enough; it only defines what we're against. If today's resistance is to become a lasting movement, voters must decide what we're for: a new pledge from leading progressives points the (...)
  • St. Paul Teachers Score a Win for Kids Over Big Money

    20 février 2018, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    State and local governments claim there's "no money" for public services like education, yet lavish huge tax breaks on corporations and the wealthy. The St. Paul teachers' union has shown progressives how to fight back, and win.
  • Trump’s “Harvest Box” Delivers an Empty Promise

    19 février 2018, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    "America's Harvest Box" is Trump administration's bid to "reinvent" food assistance to the poor. All it really does is heap shame on the hungry and offer private interests a new opportunity to enrich themselves at public expense.
  • DeVos Denies Civil Rights and Stifles Dissent. But She’s a Victim ?

    16 février 2018, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has been dismantling policies that protect students' civil rights, yet accuses anyone who points this out of being "hurtful," and blocks them from having their voices heard. She threatens our democracy.
  • Trump’s Big Infrastructure Con

    16 février 2018, par Leo Gerard — Blog
    Candidate Trump boasted he would double what Clinton said she’d spend on infrastructure. But the scheme he released this week fails to do that. Instead it robs vital safety-net programs to pay for a pittance of improvements. It's a (...)
  • Kim Jung Un’s Sister Crushes Pence for Gold in Korea Peace Olympics

    16 février 2018, par Miles Mogulescu — Blog
    If peace diplomacy were an Olympic sport, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong, won the Gold Medal hands down, while Vice President Mike Pence crashed and burned. That's a good thing for the possibility of world (...)
  • A Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

    15 février 2018, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    The fatal shootings at a Florida high school result from our elected officials' self-serving refusal to control weapons designed for mass killing. Once again, we have failed our sacred promise to protect all children's future.

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