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  • Democrats Are Finally Waking Up

    27 juillet 2017, par Robert Borosage — Blog
    Dems are moving to address the populist temper of this time. The People’s Platform pushes them to add to their shared agenda, while The Better Deal’s focus on concentrated economic power will be welcomed by the party's activist (...)
  • U.S. Leads World in Inequality, and It Is Getting Worse

    27 juillet 2017, par Sam Pizzigati — Blog
    The United States, the “wealthiest country in the history of the world," has the highest level of inequality among the world’s major industrial nations. And the U.S. government is letting that inequality get worse on every major (...)
  • Repeal John McCain’s Government-Sponsored Health Care

    27 juillet 2017, par Miles Mogulescu — Blog
    In an act of startling hypocrisy, Sen. John McCain returned from his sickbed to cast the deciding vote to proceed with debate to repeal health care, even as he receives the government-financed care members of Congress take for (...)
  • The GOP’s Trojan Horse on Health Care Repeal

    26 juillet 2017, par Julie Chinitz — Blog
    GOP senators show contempt for constituents by voting to move forward on health care repeal. The final version of their bill may be a Trojan horse to set up another secretive, undemocratic process that will leave millions uncovered.
  • A Southern California District Resists Bad Education Policy

    25 juillet 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos say public schools are a failed idea and we need other options. But a school district in Southern California is showing that given sufficient resources and supports, public schools can get the job (...)
  • If Hell Had a Budget : The GOP Breaks the Ten Commandments

    24 juillet 2017, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    If hell had a fiscal policy, it would look a lot like the House GOP budget. It's a wish list for millionaires, billionaires, and corporate special interests. It also breaks most of the Ten Commandments, which is more than a little (...)
  • It’s (Loan) Shark Week : Families are Biting Back !

    24 juillet 2017, par Jessica Juarez Scruggs — Blog
    The most dangerous predators this year aren’t on TV or at beaches – they're the financial-industry sharks menacing families with their support of the CHOICE Act in Congress.
  • On the CFPB’s Birthday, Stand Against Sharks

    21 juillet 2017, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    The six-year anniversary of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created after a Wall Street crime wave led to the 2008 financial crisis, is a day to celebrate and a day to fight.
  • Budget Austerity Treats Public-School Parents Like Criminals

    20 juillet 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    In the current environment of forced scarcity, public-school parents are not only treated like criminals in education budget battles, they end up picking up more of the cost of this public service, too.
  • A New NAFTA Must Help, Not Hurt, Workers

    20 juillet 2017, par Leo Gerard — Blog
    Substantial progress must be made for workers in a renegotiated NAFTA. A goal of "do no harm” is grossly inadequate for the administration that promised to cure the injury that international trade inflicted on America's workers.

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