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  • Fight Back for Energy Independence Over Corporate Profits

    26 mai 2017, par Lois Gibbs — Blog
    We were told hydrofracking would lead to energy independence and end wars for oil. Homeland Security? I don't think so. Instead, oil and gas companies now want to export our energy reserves to boost their own profits.
  • New NAFTA Must Put People and Planet First

    26 mai 2017, par Tobita Chow — Blog
    Any renegotiation of NAFTA must include replacing the ISDS corporate court system, which tilts the playing field in favor of multinational capital, with strong standards that protect workers and the environment in every country.
  • Preserving Public Lands in Montana and Beyond

    26 mai 2017, par Bryce Oates — Blog
    Montana's Greg Gianforte and Ryan Zinke are are among the Republican lawmakers who feel empowered by President Trump to go out and take public lands for private use. Many Americans will make sure this doesn't happen, and here's (...)
  • There Is a Plan to Fix Infrastructure ; It’s Not Trump’s

    25 mai 2017, par Liz Ryan Murray, Ben Ishibashi — Blog
    There’s broad agreement in our country, and across party lines, that we need more good jobs and to rebuild our nation’s crumbling infrastructure. The good news is there is a plan to get us there, but it's not the one Trump wants us to (...)
  • Of Budgets and Beatitudes : The Pope Meets the Donald

    25 mai 2017, par Richard Eskow — Blog
    Contrary to what some might have expected, the universe did not explode in an antimatter fireball when these two opposites came together. Nevertheless, the Pope’s dissatisfaction, and their different views of justice, are plain to (...)
  • How Compassion Becomes Contempt in America

    24 mai 2017, par Sam Pizzigati — Blog
    We need to do more than assail the heartless new Trump administration budget. We need to understand its deep roots in our chronic and continuing maldistribution of income and wealth, and the ways we justify this inequality to (...)
  • The Great Betrayal : Donald Trump’s Budget

    24 mai 2017, par Robert Borosage — Blog
    Donald Trump’s FY 2018 budget raises a long, fat middle finger to the working class voters who helped to put him in office; it's a stunning betrayal. Far worse is that it opens the door for Republicans in Congress to do extreme (...)
  • What Betsy DeVos Calls Education Transformation Is Actually Public Theft

    24 mai 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Betsy DeVos wants to give your tax dollars to private schools and businesses, and tell you it's an education "transformation." She's eager to "get Washington and the Federal bureaucracy out of the way," but she wants you to pay for (...)
  • Trump’s Budget Builds a Wall Between the Wealthy and All of Us

    23 mai 2017, par Liz Ryan Murray — Blog, Current Issues
    The Trump administration's 2018 budget proposal makes plain its vision for America: one where the sick, children, families and the disabled are sacrificed for tax breaks for the very wealthiest and giveaways to trillion-dollar (...)
  • Fed Up with a Budget Crisis, Illinois Citizens Take to the Streets

    23 mai 2017, par Jeff Bryant — Blog
    Joe Padilla and Egle Malinauskaite are part of a group marching 200 miles from Chicago to the Illinois State Legislature in Springfield. They hope to break a logjam that has kept Illinois without a state budget for more than two (...)

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