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  • Children Say NO ! to Family Separations by ICE

    19 juin 2018, par Tim Wilkins
    Every child understands the pain losing one’s loved ones – even for a moment – can cause. So children have plenty to say about the U.S. government’s separation of thousands […] Source
  • Where’s that $4,000 Raise the GOP Promised Workers ?

    18 juin 2018, par Leo Gerard
    When Republicans in Congress passed a big, fat tax break bill in December, they insisted it meant American workers would be singing “Happy Days Are Here Again” all the way […] Source
  • Why I’m Going to the Border for Father’s Day

    15 juin 2018, par George Goehl
    As more reports surface of children seeking asylum at our borders being separated from their parents, there has been much consideration of the impact and effect on children. As Father’s […] Source
  • Wage Theft : To Fight the Crime, Address the Motive

    15 juin 2018, par Sam Pizzigati
    The American economy rests ultimately on trust, a mutual understanding between employers and employees that each side, in the end, will behave honorably. A fair day’s wage, as the classic […] Source
  • SCOTUS Just Took Away Your Right to Vote. Did You Notice ?

    14 juin 2018, par Jessica Juarez Scruggs
    The Supreme Court just gave a green light to racist voter purges. Their 5-4 decision to allow Ohio to take any voter off the rolls who hasn’t voted in two […] Source
  • Congress Hosts Charter Schools Roadshow, Ignores Black Parent

    14 juin 2018, par Jeff Bryant
    One of the more disturbing aspects of the push to create more charter schools was on full display during a Congressional hearing this week when charter proponents stacked the agenda […] Source
  • Why We Should Want Trump’s Hail Mary Pass on Korea to Succeed

    14 juin 2018, par Miles Mogulescu
    Despite my contempt for Donald Trump, I’m rooting that his Hail Mary pass in the direction of Kim Jong-un succeeds. And I think other liberals and progressives should hope for […] Source
  • We The People : Watch Live

    13 juin 2018, par Tim Wilkins
    People’s Action joins Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal and many others in Washington, DC at 8:30-12 on June 13th for ‘We The People,’ a gathering of […] Source
  • All MPA-Endorsed Candidates Win or Lead in Maine Primary

    13 juin 2018, par Mike Tipping
    The Maine People’s Alliance endorsed five progressive women in contested legislative primaries and Rep. Jared Golden in the Second District congressional race. According to initial results from the Associated Press, all of these candidates have won […] (...)
  • Wisconsin Progressives Score Special Election Upset Victory

    13 juin 2018, par Matt Brusky
    Wisconsin progressives won an important state legislative special election last night in Senate District 1, with the victory of Democrat Caleb Frostman. Frostman was endorsed by Citizen Action of Wisconsin, […] Source

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