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  • Tax Cuts for "the Rich" Are Taxing Everybody

    23 octobre 2017, par Gary Galles
    By: Gary Galles As soon as it was revealed, the Trump administration’s framework for tax reform was instantly attacked by Charles Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and friends, trying to bludgeon it to death with assertions that it was just “tax cuts for the rich.” A letter from Senate Democrats said “Tax (...)
  • The Great Ralph Raico

    23 octobre 2017, par David Gordon
    By: David Gordon Today would have been the 81st birthday of Ralph Raico, who died last December 31. His intellectual brilliance was evident from an early age, and while still in high school, he attended Ludwig von Mises’s seminar at New York University. There he met Murray Rothbard, who became (...)
  • Poor Cities and Poorer Economics

    23 octobre 2017, par Carmen Elena Dorobăț
    By: Carmen Elena Dorobăț The newest cover story in The Economist deplores the situation of cities in developed countries that are left behind in terms of economic development by the digitized, globalized economy. One such is Scranton, Pennsylvania, where, since 2007, the local government has (...)
  • Murray Rothbard : Mises’s True Heir

    23 octobre 2017, par Joseph T. Salerno
    By: Joseph T. Salerno Recently a young Austrian scholar made a very interesting observation in an informal discussion on Facebook: I have experienced that when you quote Mises instead of Rothbard (and they say basically the same in most circumstances) other Austrians are usually more receptive (...)
  • From Ron Paul to Murray Rothbard : My Road to the Mises Institute

    21 octobre 2017, par Jo Ann Cavallo
    By: Jo Ann Cavallo Delivered at the 35th anniversary of the Mises Institute, October 2017. I probably don’t merit inclusion in this illustrious panel of “Murray’s Heirs,” but I’m glad to share the story of how I first encountered Murray Rothbard’s work. It all started with watching the 2012 (...)
  • Low Interest Rates Subsidize Wealthy Households

    21 octobre 2017, par Hal Snarr
    By: Hal Snarr When the economy begins to sink into recession, politicians, mainstream economists, policy wonks, and the Federal Reserve begin beating the economic stimulus drum. Politicians, however, disagree over the type of stimulus to implement. The center-left party proposes greater (...)
  • Claudio Grass on Whether Switzerland can Save the World

    20 octobre 2017, par Claudio Grass, Jeff Deist
    By: Claudio Grass, Jeff Deist Switzerland is no libertarian paradise. It has bureaucrats and a wayward central bank. But it remains an astonishing modern example of the principles of federalism and subsidiarity in action. In fact, it exemplifies Lew Rockwell's daydream: nobody much knows or (...)
  • The Next Generation of Currency Wars : Private vs. State-backed Crypto

    20 octobre 2017, par Tho Bishop
    By: Tho Bishop Recently Russia announced that it will be unleashing a CryptoRuble, just a week after Vladimir Putin strongly criticized Bitcoin and other private cryptocurrencies. When announcing the move, Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov acknowledged that it was in part inspired by (...)
  • The Posthumous Rothbard

    20 octobre 2017, par Paul Gottfried
    By: Paul Gottfried In an eloquent tribute to Murray Rothbard at the Mises event organized in his honor on October 6 and 7, Joe Salerno observed that his subject is still producing books twenty years after his death. Contrary to the misconception that Murray turned away from scholarship toward (...)
  • Torturer-in-Chief Turned Savior of Freedom ?

    20 octobre 2017, par James Bovard
    By: James Bovard Former President George W. Bush gave a speech yesterday implicitly slamming President Donald Trump for dragging down democracy. Bush told political cronies and other attendees: “We are gathered in the cause of liberty this is a unique moment.” He assured listeners that freedom (...)

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