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  • Why Wilbur Ross’s Approach on Trade Will Hurt US Competitiveness

    25 septembre 2017, par Caroline Freund
    In an op-ed in the Washington Post , Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross raises concerns over fewer US parts being used in imports from Mexico and Canada than in the past. He argues that the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) needs stricter rules of origin and US specific content (...)
  • Abe’s Speech at the UN General Assembly

    25 septembre 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    The General Debate speeches at the UN are a fixture of fall, and while most disappear some are more than memorable. Although President Trump’s dystopian paean to sovereignty got the spotlight, those by Prime Minister Abe and President Moon were equally if not more revealing of the (...)
  • Trade Talks Episode 4 : Holding the WTO Hostage, Trump Style

    22 septembre 2017, par Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown
  • Sanctions : Things Are About to Get Interesting. Really Interesting.

    22 septembre 2017, par Stephan Haggard
    Marc Noland and I have literally written hundreds of posts about sanctions. With respect to North Korea, they have been written with declining conviction. As we argue in Hard Target , the structure of North Korea’s trade, China’s equivocation, and the regime’s entrepreneurial capacity to absorb (...)
  • IMF Article IV Report on China

    21 septembre 2017, par Nicholas R. Lardy
    The Peterson Institute for International Economics held a discussion of the recently released International Monetary Fund (IMF) Article IV Report on China on September 21, 2017. Geoff Gottlieb, senior economist in the IMF’s Asia and Pacific Department, presented the conclusions of the 2017 (...)
  • The Fed Buys into Secular Stagnation

    21 septembre 2017, par Joseph E. Gagnon
    As was widely expected, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) held its short-term interest rate steady on September 20 and announced that starting next month the Fed will gradually shrink its $4.5 trillion balance sheet, which it built up in response to the Great Recession to support the (...)
  • 2016 BOK Growth Estimates

    20 septembre 2017, par Marcus Noland
    Ziplining beats parsing questionable figures At a closed-door conference earlier this year in Seoul, a group of South Korean and American economists gathered to analyze the North Korean economy. Someone observed that because of the unexpected change in the South Korean election calendar, the (...)
  • Brexit Readiness Score

    20 septembre 2017, par Simeon Djankov
    If you believe Prime Minister Theresa May, the United Kingdom will be ready to exit the European Union in April 2019. If you believe UK businesses, Britain is falling behind in its preparations. The next round of Brexit negotiations, and the first since the summer recess, was delayed by a week (...)
  • Donald Trump : The Sam McDowell of American Diplomacy

    19 septembre 2017, par Marcus Noland
    Before there were advanced analytics, pitchers kept notes on hitters on index cards. The scouting cards of the Cleveland Indians’ big lefthander, Sam McDowell, reputedly all consisted of a single line: “Smoke ‘em inside.” (For readers unfamiliar with baseball, this phrase means to throw the (...)
  • NAFTA Doesn’t Need a Senseless Sunset

    19 septembre 2017, par Jeffrey J. Schott
    The Trump administration wants a revised North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to include a sunset provision terminating the pact after five years unless all three countries approve its renewal. Such a clause would insert a fixed expiration date for NAFTA and require positive and (...)

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