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  • Trade Talks Episode 38 : ZTE, Trump, and China—What’s the Fuss ?

    18 mai 2018, par Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown
  • Trump Tariffs Primarily Hit Multinational Supply Chains, Harm US Technology Competitiveness

    16 mai 2018, par Mary E. Lovely, Yang Liang
    The Trump administration’s Section 301 tariffs are an ineffective response to US concerns about China’s high-technology aspirations. They are a prime example of 20th century tools aimed at the knowledge-embodying trade flows of the 21st century. Instead, these tariffs disadvantage (...)
  • Europe’s Coming Game of Musical Chairs

    15 mai 2018, par Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
    The distribution of jobs in the superstructure of European-wide government is due for a shakeup in the next year, determining who will set the pace of the region’s integration at a time of intermittent economic growth. Personalities always matter in the jockeying for these jobs, and the (...)
  • Completing Europe’s Banking Union Means Breaking the Bank-Sovereign Vicious Circle

    14 mai 2018, par Isabel Schnabel, Nicolas Véron
    Several euro area leaders, including the German chancellor , her finance minister , and the French president , have recently referred to the need to “complete the banking union.” These public calls echo those made in more formal settings, in intergovernmental meetings and European (...)
  • Argentina : Back to the Brink

    9 mai 2018, par Monica de Bolle
    In a largely unexpected move, Argentina has abruptly called on the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for financial help to shore up its reserves and stave off currency pressures. The action by the government of President Mauricio Macri is hard to square with the fact that a little over a year (...)
  • Trade Talks Episode 37 : Cottoning on to Trade

    8 mai 2018, par Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown
  • How Much Is China Paying for Foreign Technology ?

    8 mai 2018, par Nicholas R. Lardy, Melina Kolb
    China is under fire from the United States and other countries for forced technology transfers and intellectual property theft. The data on Chinese payments for the use of foreign intellectual property show payments have been rising and China is one of the top paying countries. This video (...)
  • Stephan Haggard and Mira Rapp-Hooper Preview the Summit on Lawfare

    7 mai 2018, par Stephan Haggard
    Only a few months ago, President Donald Trump threatened to rain fire and fury on North Korea, and Kim Jong Un’s missiles were crashing into the ocean. Now, the president is preparing for a summit with the North Korean leader. To understand what to expect, Benjamin Wittes spoke on Friday to (...)
  • The Politics of Selecting a New ECB President in 2019

    7 mai 2018, par Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
    As the global economy continues its upswing, central banks in advanced economies face the challenge of returning monetary policy to a level enabling them to combat the next cyclical downturn. The recent selection of Jerome Powell, John Williams, and Richard Clarida to leading positions at the (...)
  • CBO and Markets Agree : The 2017 US Tax Act Will Not Raise Stock Prices Much

    4 mai 2018, par Thomas Pellet
    The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) forecasts a relatively small increase in US GDP over the next decade resulting from recent tax legislation. In its April 2018 outlook, the CBO estimates that the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) passed last year will put the real GDP level on average (...)

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