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  • Sweating the Auto Details of Trump’s Trade Deal with Mexico

    29 août 2018, par Chad P. Bown
    After a year of tussling with Canada and Mexico over trade issues, President Donald Trump has announced a tentative deal with Mexico to replace the much-maligned North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Many important details are unknown, in part because they remain to be negotiated. But (...)
  • Who Thinks China’s Growth Is Slowing ? Part II

    27 août 2018, par Nicholas R. Lardy
    President Trump’s top economic advisors believe China’s growth is slowing and are advising him to hang tough in the emerging trade war in the belief that China will give in to US demands to avoid a further slowdown. Presumably that means imposing tariffs on an additional $200 billion in (...)
  • A Reported NAFTA Auto Deal Would Backfire Against Consumers and Auto Makers Alike

    25 août 2018, par Jeffrey J. Schott
    The United States and Mexico are considering changes to the auto chapter of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) that would introduce new and more complex criteria regarding the North American content of assembled cars and trucks, according to Inside U.S. Trade . If implemented, (...)
  • Who Thinks China’s Growth Is Slowing ?

    24 août 2018, par Nicholas R. Lardy
    A widespread consensus has developed around the view that China’s economic growth is slowing and that the leadership in Beijing will have no choice but to capitulate in the tariff war with President Donald Trump to avoid a further slowdown. Leading US news organizations ( here and here ) (...)
  • Maduro’s Economic Plan for Venezuela : Back to the 1980s ?

    23 août 2018, par Monica de Bolle
    President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela has just announced another new series of drastic actions aimed at stabilizing the country’s hyperinflation and crumbling economy. But the plan is reminiscent of the many failed attempts to end the hyperinflations in Brazil, Argentina, and other South (...)
  • Real and Imagined Constraints on Euro Area Monetary Policy

    23 août 2018, par Patrick Honohan
    Although the European Central Bank (ECB) has been pursuing an aggressively expansionary policy since 2012, previously the ECB was behind the curve in lowering interest rates and making asset purchases to combat the prolonged euro area recession. This paper argues that part of the delay can (...)
  • How the United States Should Confront China Without Threatening the Global Trading System

    23 août 2018, par Robert Z. Lawrence
    The Trump administration’s willingness to violate trade rules to maximize its negotiating leverage is undermining its most important and most legitimate objective in international trade and investment: persuading China to reform its problematic economic system, in which foreign firms (...)
  • US Oil Sanctions Policy Against Iran Is a Hard Sell

    22 août 2018, par Jeffrey J. Schott
    Under threat of new sanctions, US officials are pressuring Iran’s oil customers to cut off purchases by November 4. But since Trump announced the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear pact in May, China and India—two of the biggest Iran oil importers—reportedly have increased their purchases (...)
  • Massive P2P Failures in China : Underground Banks Going Under

    21 août 2018, par Martin Chorzempa
    Online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending was once touted as a way to transform finance , making it more efficient and allowing less advanced economies to leapfrog the United States. No one embraced it more than China, which boasts the world's largest P2P lending sector. But after granting (...)
  • Worst Case Averted on Foreign Investment Reviews

    20 août 2018, par Martin Chorzempa
    When President Donald Trump signed the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 2019 earlier this week, he did far more than fund the military for the coming fiscal year. The legislation also marked the culmination of almost a year of debate on how to protect the (...)

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