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  • Germany’s Savings Banks Are Uniquely Intertwined with Local Politics

    17 juillet 2018, par Jonas Markgraf, Nicolas Véron
    The roughly 400 savings banks in Germany, known as Sparkassen (singular Sparkasse), represent about 15 percent of the country’s domestic banking assets. They have unusually direct links with local political communities, which are widely known in Germany but not well understood in the rest of (...)
  • Trade Talks Episode 46 : How Do Trump’s Tariffs Stack Up Historically ?

    13 juillet 2018, par Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown
  • Trump’s Latest $200 Billion Tariffs on China Threaten a Big Blow to American Consumers

    13 juillet 2018, par Chad P. Bown, Euijin Jung, Zhiyao (Lucy) Lu
    By now the Trump administration’s many explosive announcements of new tariff restrictions on US trading partners have come to seem almost routine. But the imposition of 10 percent tariffs on another $200 billion of imports from China, announced on July 10, was anything but mundane, even by (...)
  • Trump’s Trade War Has Unified the World Against US Exports

    11 juillet 2018, par Jeffrey J. Schott, Euijin Jung
    US trading partners retaliating against US Section 232/301 tariffs—Canada, China, EU-28, and Mexico—accounted for $939 billion or 61 percent of total US merchandise exports in 2017. Retaliatory tariffs affect $65.9 billion (out of $939.3 billion) of US exports or 7 percent of US shipments to (...)
  • Growth-indexed Bonds and Debt Distribution : Theoretical Benefits and Practical Limits

    9 juillet 2018, par Julien Acalin
    Sovereign state-contingent bonds, in particular growth-indexed bonds (GIBs), have rarely been issued in practice despite their theoretical benefits. This paper provides support for this apparent sovereign noncontingency puzzle by deriving the impact of GIBs on the upper tail of the distribution (...)
  • Stephan Haggard Q and A on the Singapore Summit and Aftermath

    9 juillet 2018, par Stephan Haggard
    I recently did a short video Q and A on the Singapore summit for the East Asia Institute. I also reflected on the challenges ahead in my column at Joongang Ilbo . The main message: The summit itself produced little, and in fact the joint statement was dominated by North Korean views. (...)
  • QE Skeptics Overstate Their Case

    5 juillet 2018, par Joseph E. Gagnon
    Four prominent economists (David Greenlaw, James Hamilton, Ethan Harris, and Kenneth West, or GHHW) attracted much attention earlier this year when they argued that the consensus of previous studies overstates the effects of quantitative easing (QE) on long-term interest rates. However, a (...)
  • Canada Strikes Back ! Here Is a Breakdown

    5 juillet 2018, par Chad P. Bown, Euijin Jung, Zhiyao (Lucy) Lu
    Canada Day was celebrated this year with the government in Ottawa fulfilling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's comment in June that "we're polite, we're reasonable, but we also will not be pushed around." More specifically, Canada imposed new tariffs on $12.8 billion of US (...)
  • Immigration Reform in Europe Needs External Border Controls, Respect for Sovereignty, and Shared Costs

    2 juillet 2018, par Olivier Blanchard, Jacob Funk Kirkegaard
    Faced with an existential threat to European Union cohesion, not to mention the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel in Germany, European leaders fashioned a last-minute compromise in Brussels on June 29 to deal with their immigration crisis. Announced at 5 a.m. after marathon negotiations, (...)
  • Trade Talks Episode 45 : Zeroing : The Biggest WTO Threat You’ve Never Heard Of

    2 juillet 2018, par Soumaya Keynes, Chad P. Bown

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