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  • New clues about the most mysterious star in the universe, and more news from TED speakers

    18 janvier 2018, par Rebekah Barnett
    As usual, the TED community has lots of news to share this week. Below, some highlights. New clues about the most mysterious star in the universe. KIC 8462852 (often called “Tabby’s star,” after the astronomer Tabetha Boyajian, who led the first study of the star) intermittently dims as much as (...)
  • TED debuts “Small Thing Big Idea” original video series on Facebook Watch

    16 janvier 2018, par TED Staff
    Today we’re debuting a new original video series on Facebook Watch called Small Thing Big Idea: Designs That Changed the World. Each 3- to 4-minute weekly episode takes a brief but delightful look at the lasting genius of one everyday object – a pencil, for example, or a hoodie – and explains how (...)
  • Exploring the boundaries of legacy at TED@Westpac

    11 janvier 2018, par Blake Rumuly
    Legacy is a delightfully complex concept, and it's one that the TED@Westpac curators took on with gusto for the daylong event held in Sydney, Australia, on Monday December 11th. Themed around the idea of "The Future Legacy," the day was packed with speakers who took on topics ranging from (...)
  • Meet the 2018 class of TED Fellows and Senior Fellows

    10 janvier 2018, par TED Staff
    The TED Fellows program is excited to announce the new group of TED2018 Fellows and Senior Fellows. Representing a wide range of disciplines and countries — including, for the first time in the program, Syria, Thailand and Ukraine — this year’s TED Fellows are rising stars in their fields, each (...)
  • Why Oprah’s talk works : Insight from a TED speaker coach

    10 janvier 2018, par TED Guest Author
    By Abigail Tenembaum and Michael Weitz of Virtuozo When Oprah Winfrey spoke at the Golden Globes last Sunday night, her speech lit up social media within minutes. It was powerful, memorable and somehow exactly what the world wanted to hear. It inspired multiple standing O’s — and even a (...)
  • Get ready for TED Talks India : Nayi Soch, premiering Dec. 10 on Star Plus

    10 janvier 2018, par Saba Dilawari
    TED is a global organization with a broad global audience. With our TED Translators program working in more than 100 languages, TEDx events happening every day around the world and so much more, we work hard to present the latest ideas for everyone, regardless of language, location or platform. (...)
  • A photograph by Paul Nicklen shows the tragedy of extinction, and more news from TED speakers

    10 janvier 2018, par Rebekah Barnett
    The past few weeks have brimmed over with TED-related news. Here, some highlights: This is what extinction looks like. Photographer Paul Nicklen shocked the world with footage of a starving polar bear that he and members of his conservation group SeaLegacy captured in the Canadian Arctic (...)
  • What’s the definition of feminism ? 12 talks that explain it to you

    24 décembre 2017, par Pat Mitchell
    Earlier this month, Merriam-Webster announced that 2017’s word of the year is feminism. Searches for the word on the dictionary website spiked throughout the year, beginning in January around the Women’s March, again after Kellyanne Conway said in an interview that she didn’t consider herself a (...)
  • Free report : Bright ideas in business from TEDWomen 2017

    22 décembre 2017, par TED Staff
    The Brightline Initiative helps leaders from all types of organizations build bridges between ideas and results. So they felt strong thematic resonance with TEDWomen 2017, which took place in New Orleans from November 1-3, and the conference theme of “Bridges.” In listening to the 50+ speakers (...)
  • The Big Idea : TED’s 4 step guide to the holiday season

    21 décembre 2017, par Chelsea Catlett
    More charmingly referred to as a garbage fire that just keeps burning, 2017 has been a tough, relentless year of tragedy and strife. As we approach the holiday season, it’s important to connect and reconnect with those you love and want in your life. So, in these last few weeks of the year, here (...)

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