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  • The world takes us exactly where we should be : 4 questions with Meagan Fallone

    21 avril 2018, par TED Staff
    Cartier believes in the power of bold ideas to empower local initiatives to have global impact. To celebrate Cartier’s dedication to launching the ideas of female entrepreneurs into concrete change, TED has curated a special session of talks around the theme “Bold Alchemy” for the Cartier Women’s (...)
  • Playlist : 10 TEDWomen talks for Earth Day

    21 avril 2018, par Pat Mitchell
    Earlier this week, I had the privilege and honor to plant trees with the daughter and granddaughter of environmentalist Wangari Maathai. In recognition of her life’s work promoting “sustainable development, democracy and peace,” Maathai received the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize. She was a lifelong (...)
  • In Case You Missed It : The dawn of “The Age of Amazement” at TED2018

    18 avril 2018, par Brian Greene
    More than 100 speakers — activists, scientists, adventurers, change-makers and more — took the stage to give the talk of their lives this week in Vancouver at TED2018. One blog post could never hope to hold all of the extraordinary wisdom they shared. Here’s a (shamelessly inexhaustive) list of (...)
  • What can your phone do in the next mobile economy ? A workshop with Samsung

    18 avril 2018, par Chelsea Catlett
    What do you imagine your phone doing for you in the future? Sure, you can take calls, send texts, use apps and surf the internet. But according to Samsung, the next corner for mobile engagement could turn your cell phone into a superhero (of sorts) in industries like public safety and (...)
  • More TED2018 conference shorts to amuse and amaze

    17 avril 2018, par Chelsea Catlett
    Even in the Age of Amazement, sometimes you need a break between talks packed with fascinating science, tech, art and so much more. That’s where interstitials come in: short videos that entertain and intrigue, while allowing the brain a moment to reset and ready itself to absorb more (...)
  • TEDFilms : Four new short films premiered at TED2018

    17 avril 2018, par Chelsea Catlett
    For the TED conference this year, we wanted to entertain attendees between talks — and support and encourage up-and-coming filmmakers. Meet TEDFilms, a new program for promoting the creation of original short films. Executive-produced by Sinéad McDevitt and led up by TED’s director of Production (...)
  • Wow. Just wow. Notes from Session 7 of TED2018

    16 avril 2018, par Rebekah Barnett
    What we need sometimes is a little awe, a little wonder. This session of TED Talks was designed to provoke an exquisite human emotion: the sense that the world is bigger and stranger than you’d known. Without further ado, wow. A blueprint for how humans and machines can coexist. American (...)
  • In Case You Missed It : Finding space to dream at day 3 at TED2018

    16 avril 2018, par Brian Greene
    TED2018 hit its stride on day 3, with talks from explorers of space and oceans, builders of cities and bridges, engineers of the future and many more. Here are some of the themes we heard echoing through the opening day, as well as some highlights from around the conference venue in Vancouver. (...)
  • Altair at TED2018 : In the “Age of Amazement,” simulation drives innovation

    16 avril 2018, par Brian Greene
    In a corner of the Vancouver Convention Center — set against a beautiful backdrop of Vancouver Harbour and the mountains of the North Shore, and right between a comfy simulcast lounge and a pop-up coffee and espresso shop — it’s hard to miss an eye-catching vintage red car. It’s the anchor of (...)
  • In Case You Missed It : Bold visions for humanity at day 4 of TED2018

    16 avril 2018, par Brian Greene
    Three sessions of memorable TED Talks covering life, death and the future of humanity made the penultimate day of TED2018 a remarkable space for tech breakthroughs and dispatches from the edges of culture. Here are some of the themes we heard echoing through the opening day, as well as some (...)

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