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  • Predicting the Economic Future

    17 août 2017
    By P. J. O’Rourke; Thirty years ago, when the Independent Institute was founded, many of the economic institutions that have helped expand our choices in recent years--Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Google, Ly...
  • How the Black Market Helped Me, and Others, Escape North Korea

    16 août 2017
    By Yeonmi Park; North Korea's nuclear saber-rattling may be frightening to some, perhaps just as frightening as day-to-day life can be under the Kim regime, from which I was fortunate enough to esc...
  • Philly Moves the Goalposts on Soda Tax

    16 août 2017
    By William F. Shughart II, Josh T. Smith; When you're losing, it's good advice to play another game. Or do as Philadelphia has done with its recent soda tax: Change the rules and move the goalposts. Though...
  • How Donald Trump Is Driving the Democrats Crazy

    15 août 2017
    By John C. Goodman; You would think the Democrats would be on cloud nine. Donald Trump's favorability ratings are as low as anyone can remember their being for a sitting president. The Republica...
  • The Better Way Tax Plan

    15 août 2017
    By John C. Goodman, Laurence J. Kotlikoff; A plan to radically reform the US income tax system has been proposed by House Speaker Paul Ryan and House Ways amp; Means Chairman Kevin Brady. On the personal side, the system would (...)
  • New Approaches Needed to End Campus Sexual Assault

    14 août 2017
    By Samuel R. Staley; The U.S. Department of Education's top civil-rights official set off a firestorm when she told the New York Times--erroneously--that 90 percent of college sexual assault case...
  • We Have Lost the War in Afghanistan. We Should Get Out Now

    14 août 2017
    By Ivan Eland; In a recent meeting, President Trump correctly told his generals that they were "losing" the war in Afghanistan, rejected their proposed strategy, and sent them back to the draw...
  • When Californians Led the Way on Campus Civil Rights

    4 août 2017
    By K. Lloyd Billingsley; a href="https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/01/us/politics/trump-affirmative-action-universities.html"The emNew York Times/em reports that the Trump administration is directing the ...
  • Too Important for Trump’s Generals

    4 août 2017
    By Ivan Eland; Despite President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric of putting "America first" by repudiating the expensive role as the world's policeman, calling Hillary Clinton #147...
  • Venezuelans Worldwide Vote Against Maduro’s Power Grab

    2 août 2017
    By Gabriel Gasave, Carl P. Close; Buenos Aires is famous around the world for birthing the Argentine Tango, but on July 16 the most watched cultural event in the land of pampas and Peron was a foreign import. On that cold...

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