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  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 146 : "Past Corruption Haunts Tunisia"

    17 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: In the wake of the Arab Spring, Tunisia is the only state where a protest movement gave way to a democratic transition. This week on World Policy On Air, Amna Guellali of Human Rights Watch discusses how Tunisia's past corruption and authoritarianism are haunting the fledgling democracy. (...)
  • Talking Policy : Zakia Soman on Muslim Women in India

    16 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Triple talaq, or instant divorce, was recently banned in an Indian Supreme Court ruling. World Policy Journal spoke with Zakia Soman, the co-founder of a women's collective that campaigned against the practice, about issues facing Muslim women in India today. In August 2017, the practice (...)
  • The Social Roots of the New Drug Scare in Budapest

    14 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Illegal drug use has been spreading rapidly in Budapest, spurring a rise in police raids and arrests. Peter Sarosi describes the inadequate services, unemployment, social exclusion, and racism behind Hungary's drug boom. This article was previously published by Political Critique. By (...)
  • 絆に縛られる 安倍政権下日本の親密な関係における暴力

    13 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: This article has been translated from English. 安倍政権下で強化される保守的家族観と新自由主義秩序によって、女性はどのような犠牲を強いられているか? チェルシー・センディ・シーダー 訳:小田原琳 2012年春、東京で、私は初めて近藤恵子に会った。私たちのだれもがそうであったように、彼女もまた、一年を経て、日本を襲った三重の災害−−地震、津波、原子炉のメルトダウン−−が何を意味しているのかを理解しようともがいていた。この危機は社会運動を活性化させ、市民たちはチェルノブイリ以来最悪の原子力事故に対する政府と企業の対応に、疑問を感じ始めていた。しか
  • World Policy Newsletter, Week of November 10th

    10 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: From the Pakistani Taliban's attempts to attract female recruits to a proposed law in Japan that privileges the family unit over the individual, we explore how the concept of family is being reasserted and redefined in this week's newsletter. Click through and subscribe today! This (...)
  • Talking Policy : Mark Kenneth Woods on the Inuit LGBTQ2 Movement

    10 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Colonization and religious mission in the Canadian Arctic shamed and erased traditional Inuit beliefs about sexuality, gender, and family structure, but now members of a younger generation are reasserting their LGBTQ identities. World Policy Journal spoke with filmmaker, actor, and (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 145 : "How Likely is Trade War ?"

    10 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: President Trump railed against China on the campaign trail, citing unfair trade practices, but as he meets with Xi Jinping many speculate that Trump will reconsider plans to limit Chinese imports. This week on World Policy On Air, World Policy fellow James H. Nolt argues that the (...)
  • Power Dynamics of a U.S.-China Trade War

    9 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Facing political challenges at home, President Trump continues his Asia trip with a visit to China, a nation he painted as an enemy on the campaign trail. James H. Nolt explains why Trump is unlikely to drop his talk about trade imbalances, given the domestic factors pushing the two (...)
  • Circumnavigating the Globe to Confront Climate Change

    8 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Dario Schwörer has walked, bicycled, and sailed around the world, collecting and spreading knowledge about the effects of climate change. Erica Dingman spoke with Schwörer about his visits to Canada’s indigenous communities, where the environmental and cultural implications of tourism and (...)
  • The Kremlin’s 1917 Revolution Problem

    7 novembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: This year marks the 100th anniversary of the October revolution, which ushered in the Soviet era, a high point of Moscow's global influence. Amie Ferris-Rotman describes how the Kremlin's determination to silence dissent has caused it to approach the commemoration with caution. This (...)

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