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  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 151 : "The Kremlin's Revolution Problem"

    22 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Russian state media marked the centenary of the Bolshevik revolution this year by airing new television dramas, launching interactive websites, and live tweeting. On today's episode of World Policy On Air, Moscow-based journalist Amie Ferris-Rotman discusses the current government's (...)
  • Trickle Down or Bubble Up ?

    21 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act just passed by the U.S. Congress reopens the debate about whether policies that further enrich the wealthy also benefit everyone else. James H. Nolt argues that traditional economics makes faulty assumptions about how the wealthy spend their money, leading not (...)
  • How Disinformation Became a New Threat to Women

    20 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Disinformation becomes more potent when it targets female politicians, especially in a conservative country like Georgia. Nina Jankowicz discusses how the spread of false information online is used to destroy women’s reputations and push them out of public life. This article was (...)
  • How India's Student Activists are Standing Up for the Dalits

    19 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Over the past decade, an anti-caste movement has gained traction in India, calling for an end to institutionalized discrimination against Dalits. Cynthia Stephen spoke with Sumeet Samos, a student organizer at Jawaharlal Nehru University, about the origins of his campus activism. Caste (...)
  • World Policy Newsletter, Week of December 15th

    15 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: In this week’s newsletter, we look at the global crackdown on free speech, which is taking different forms in countries around the world. Click through and subscribe today! This week's World Policy newsletter is brought to you by ... read (...)
  • World Policy On Air, Ep. 150 : "Budapest's Drug Scare"

    15 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: The Hungarian government has taken a law-and-order approach to address a rise in drug use, often targeting poor and minority communities in police raids. On today's episode of World Policy On Air, drug-policy expert Peter Sarosi discusses the social issues, from structural racism to a (...)
  • Marjolaine McKenzie : Community Worker from Matimekush Lac-John, Quebec

    13 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: In the latest installment of our “People of the North” series, Karina Kesserwan interviews Marjolaine McKenzie about solidarity among neighbors and ties to nature in the Innu communities of Matimekush and Lac-John, located in a remote part of Quebec. Marjolaine at Goerges River, after a (...)
  • To Ensure Food Security, Keep Soils Healthy

    12 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Soil degradation across the world has contributed to climate change, malnutrition, and poverty. Esther Ngumbi argues that national governments, NGOs, and research institutions need to step up to protect healthy soil and restore agricultural land. By Esther Ngumbi read (...)
  • The Explainable Rise of Czech Fake News

    11 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: Radek Koten, a Czech far-right politician with a penchant for fake news, has gained national power. Michael Colborne describes how the country's toxic political climate has allowed figures like Koten to rise. This article was originally published by Coda Story. By Michael Colborne read (...)
  • Talking Policy : Sandra Tabares-Duque on Forced Sterilization in Peru

    8 décembre 2017, par admin
    Lede: An interactive documentary compiled by the Quipu Project shares the testimonies of women and men who were forcibly sterilized by the Peruvian government in the 1990s. World Policy Journal spoke with Sandra Tabares-Duque, a producer for the project, about the government policy that left (...)

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